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Billiard Racks Dimensions and Drawings

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Billiard racks dimensions and drawings

Billiard racks are pieces of sports equipment used to place billiard balls (to "stack" the balls) into their starting locations for a game of pocket billiards. The two most popular variations of billiard racks are the triangle (eight ball) and the diamond (nine ball). Triangular racks have internal dimensions of 11.25” | 11" by 10" | 25.51 cm and diamond hoops measure 6.75” | 17.15cm by 10“ | 10" Billiard racks are made from a variety of material options that commonly include wood, plastic, or metal.

In eight-ball pool, 15 balls are placed on the triangular rack with the eight ball in the center, the ball at the apex, a solid, & striped rod at the other two corners. In nine-ball billiards, balls one through nine are placed in numerical order (from left to right) on the diamond-shaped rack starting from the apex.

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