4 Handle Orbitrac Stepper, Twister, Dumbell, & Vibration Belt Massager. (Black)

Multi orbitrac bikes are built to perform to the scrutinizing standards of domestic health club equipment with multiple option of work out. Very strong, original and durable Multi-Orbitrac Elliptical Cardio Cycling Exercise Bike comes with a Waist Twister, Mini-Stepper, 4handle Orbitrac, Vibration Belt Massager and Dumbbells. 

Use this exercise bike for 20 minutes per day work-out for 30 days and experience a reduction of about 5kg or more. Its a combination of twister, stepper, massager, dumbbells with dual action handle bars, combine cycling with rowing action.

Orbitrack models combine cardio exercises that reduce your waistline with the resistance-training workouts to bundle-in an all-in-one revolutionary Fitness Equipment, so you get an awesome muscle-sculpting and calorie-burning workout at the same time!

The mini-stepper allows you to simulate the motions of climbing stairs, walking up hills and similar forms of cardiovascular exercise while the waist twister aids in building core strength around your he spine, hips, abdomen and and it also helps in maintaining balance. 

★ Drive System: Chain drive.
★ Resistance system: Manual, belt brake resistance system.
★ Pedals: Self balancing closes spacing, enlarge, impact-absorbing, fit to any size user and provides gentle movements to reduce lower body stress.
★ Handle bars: Dual action combines cycling with rowing action handle bar and inverted u type fixed handle bar in-built contact heart rate sensor with foam hand grips.
★ Display: lcd display computerized console.
★ Display Feedback: Multi feedback read out displays scan, time, speed, distance, odo, pulse and calories.
★ Frame Structure: Extra sturdy and stable steel frame construction durability and stability.
★ Fan/Wind Wheel: Fiber wind wheel, diameter of 430mm with breaking resistance track, consists of adjustable tension strap with control knobs.
★ Frame Finishing: Proprietary two coat electro statically powder coated corrosion and chip resistance.
★ Multi Workout: Additional stepper and twister are provided.
★ Maximum User Weight: 100 kg / 265 pounds
★ Crank Assembly: 1 piece crank assembly.
★ Color: Multicolor
★ Power: 1.5 volt x 2,aa size battery.

Product Dimension: 
• Product Dimensions - "Unfold":  86 (l) x 25 (w) x 61 (h)  
• Product Dimensions - "Folding": 48 (l) x 25 (w) x 61 (h) 
• Weight: Approx:  48 kg / 105 lbs.
• Shipping Weight:  52 Kg

Product Warranty: 
• 90 days


• Please note that the device "Orbitrac - Multi Bike" is delivered as a kit, which takes about 30 minutes to install to assemble.
• Illustrated assembly instructions and the required mounting material are included in the scope of delivery.


Product features:
Carton size(mm) G.W(kg) N.W(kg) 

Carton 1: 365*225*700 36 34 
Carton 2: 365*225*560 8.2 7.4 
Carton 3: 31*9*47 3.7 3.5 
Carton 4: 660*425*215 



4 Handle Orbitrac Stepper, Twister & Vibration Belt Massager