Donic Schildkröt Waldner 1000 Table Tennis Bat, Level 1000 racket for sophisticated play of all techniques with spin and high speed (ATTACK).


The "DONIC 1000 FSC" is the top model of this forward-looking racket series. All models of this series are made of FSC certified wood, sourced from controlled sustainable cultivation. No compromise on wood and handle quality, the very high-quality ENERGY rubber from Schildkröt offers a very good grip for maximum spin play and transmits all imaginable playing techniques very effectively to the ball. The 2.3 mm between rubber and wood strong sponge generates a very high level of power, faster ball speeds with the same force are the advantage over a thinner and thus cheaper manufacturable sponge. 


The "Waldner 1000 FSC" combines numerous technologies and exclusive features in itself and is an absolute premium racket for the discerning player with skill level from ambitious recreational players to the transition to competitive sports. 


Premium TT racket in Level 1000 quality with concave grip (secure hold), the top racket of this series with high-quality technologies for the demanding game particularly grippy Schildkröt Energy rubber with 2.3mm (!) sponge strength for offensive play at high speed (the thicker the sponge, the more self-acceleration and power the racquet has) - ITTF approved

The ERGO handle with a rounded, flowing transition from the handle to the racquet blade is much better in the hand than classic racquets and avoids pressure points on the index finger. This established in competitive sports technology is hereby incorporated into the field of leisure complete rackets and also allows the fastest possible embrace from back to backhand (and vice versa), a clear plus in fast table tennis duels. 


Also, the PLS technology ("Power Light System") is immediately apparent: thanks to the transparent lens, you can see through the hollow club grip. This construction makes the racket lighter and more top-heavy, resulting in a very pleasant handling and optimized power. 

The built-in "AVS" (anti-vibration system) between blade and handle noticeably reduces vibrations and vibrations, thus enabling a tireless play a lot of control. 

General features:
• Model Type: Donic Schildkröt Waldner 1000 FSC 
• 1 Very high quality racket level 1000 for the very ambitious player
• The handle of the racket is designed to give you a good, firm hold on it.
• Made of sustainably produced FSC wood, Competition (5C)
• Faster 2.3 mm sponge, very handy champion ITTF rubber and ensures that you have a good balance of spin, speed and control.
• 5 ply blade with flared shaped handle
• The ITTF Red and black Easy-Slick approved reversed rubber with 2.3mm sponge
• Ergonomic flared handle sunken
• Anti Vibration System (AVS)
• Rubber: Spinmax
• Color: black / blue 
• 100% ORIGINAL item
• Berat 270 gram
• Barcode 4000885544121


Technical specifications:
• AVS grip damping. Improved ball control & ball feel, 
• PLS hollow grip, more power due to shifted center of gravity.
• ERGO grip, perfect handling
• Player Type is "Attack" (EASY CHOICE SYSTEM) 
• Speed: 100, Spin: 100, Control: 50
• Length of table tennis bat: 26 cm 
• Diameter table tennis ball: 40 mm 
• Size table tennis shoe: 29 x 20 cm (L x B) 


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DONIC enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide in the table tennis competition segment and is a supplier of numerous well-known top players. The traditional German brand Schildkröt has been established on the market for more than 100 years and is considered the inventor of table tennis ball. Donic-Schildkröt is today the undisputed leader in leisure table tennis in Central Europe. Produced in the BSCI certified turtle factory in China under the highest social standards.

The traditional German brand Schildkröt (founded in 1895) is considered the inventor of the table tennis ball. The Donic brand is today one of the best known and most active competition brands.
Donic-Schildkröt is today the undisputed leader in leisure table tennis.


More Information

The Donic Waldner 1000 racket for table tennis is a unique projectile for tough and quick attacks. Construction is a 5-layer base, consisting of 3 layers of veneer and 2 layers of carbon fiber, giving the entire structure rigidity, but at the same time making the racket easy and fast. The smooth, professional Liga lining with a 2.1 mm thick sponge allows you to dampen vibrations and provides an excellent balance of strong rotation, high speed and excellent ball control. In combination, these characteristics give a tangible advantage over the enemy and allow you to play an aggressive attacking game at high speed.


The advantages of playing this racket will be felt not only by professional players, but also by ambitious beginners. In particular, the Waldner 1000 can be recommended to players who are looking for a first-class equipment with advanced characteristics, but have not yet fully developed their style of play. The function of the center of gravity in the model Waldner 1000 will allow you to try out different styles of play without having to buy a separate racket for each of them.

To improve the gaming characteristics of the model Waldner 1000, the manufacturer has applied a number of innovative technologies: 
ERGO-Grip - ergonomic handle of anatomical shape. Fits perfectly in the hand. The rounded parts do not exert pressure on the palm and create the most comfortable and feeling racket in hand. 
ABP (adjustable balance point) - allows you to adjust the balance rackets depending on the style of play. 


"balance in the head" - the weight is distributed towards the head of the racket, giving more power to the attacks. 
“balance to the center” - the weight is distributed evenly in the “Allround” style. 
"balance in the handle" - the weight is distributed along the handle increasing the control parameter of the ball.

Donic Schildkröt Waldner 1000 FSC Table Tennis Paddle

SKU: DRW-1000
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