" Vigor Power Gear" Head strap. This model nylon head harness is designed for Weightlifting, Crossfit, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Strength Training Gymnastics - Men & Women.

Product description:
Weight Lifting Exercise Fitness Belt helps to build and condition chest, upper back and neck and upper back muscles for mass and strength. Material is nylon and steel , extra-heavy D-rings, and steel chain. Completely Padded with high density neoprene to absorb shock and prevent abrasions, chafing or cuts. Use them with free weights or hook them to a high or low pulley on a machine. 


Product details:
• Brand Vigor - Made in China
• Made of of high quality durable materials with steel chain. 
• Extra heavy D rings set.
• Specifically designed for athletes in contact sports or competitive athletes. 
• Item no VPG-WL-head harness
• Helps you Neck Strength 

Nylon Head Harness, Weight Lifting Head Harness belt pulley - Made in China