Dumbbell Bars Pair Chrome Workout Weights Lifting 14inch 28mm Dumbbells Bar Gym.


OVERVIEW: One of the most effective ways to overload muscles for strength or muscle building purposes is to increase range of motion. Dumbbells can help you improve cardiovascular fitness, burn calories, build muscle or increase muscular endurance for sports. Change up your strength workout with 14″ dumbbell bar. Never miss your workout, take them with you to your office or when you go out of town.

SAFETY: The knurling on the bar allows your hand to grip the bar securely. These weight plates are secured with star-locked collars to prevent them from sliding off during the exercise. Lose-resistant bands on the collars give you a safer and secure weight plate assembling.



• PRODUCT DIMENSIONS:        38L x 15W x 7H cm. Per one.

• DIAMETER: fits all 28mm plates for multiple Standard bumper plates to be fitted

• PRODUCT WEIGHT:    3.7 kg, Per one. Chrome plated, solid steel construction.

• BRAND:    Sunny Health & Fitness


• MODEL NO:    BD-16

• WARRANTY:    90 Day Warranty

• MAX WEIGHT CAPACITY:    60 Kg. Per one.

• SHIPPING WEIGHT:    8 Kg. Per pair.
• PURPOSE: Dumbbells can be used for a variety of exercises.


Dumbbells can be used to create a variety of different movement patterns to develop task- or movement-specific strength. Dumbbells workouts such as Romanian deadlifts, floor press, and upright rows give you that full body workout.

Standard Weight Bar 14” Dumbbell Pair - China