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Riding the Bike Towards the Target

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Gear up with all new cycling equipment made available by your friends at Shell Egypt Online! Shop our expansive selection of bikes, scooters, skateboards, protective gear and other cycling equipment accessories to find the ride of your dreams! We have scooters to conveniently stroll around home on, bikes for off-road treks and commuting to work, school or anywhere, and skateboards and games bikes that are great for either transport or play at the park. 


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Riding a bicycle on today's highways, you have to ride in a very defensive manner. You have to be a good rider and you have to have both hands and both feet on the controls at all times.

We offer you our products whether you are

Man | Women | Child | Young | Old | Racer |Famous | Athlete | Weak

About BLUE SHELL Products

Picking out a new bicycle for yourself, your loved one or your child can be quite the task. Knowing the proper size, tire tread and freestyle ability can be a lot to digest. Shell Egypt aims to simplify the task of examining cycling equipment by presenting affordable, durable bicycles that are ideal for executing that new trick move or commuting to class. 

Bicycles Egypt, Riding on balance wheels

Shop from the Egypt's largest selection & best deals for new bicycle on Shell Egypt. Find road bike, racing bikes, vintage bicycles, fixed gear bikes & more online today.

kids' Bicycles, Riding on balance wheels

Selection of kids' bikes on Shell Egypt online for sports and outdoors from a great selection of Kids' Road Bicycles, RoyalbBaby BMX Freestyle kid's bike & more.

Kids' scooters, Riding on balance wheels

Navigate city streets with the scooters & find a scooter on Shell Egypt, the #1 site for Bicycles & Scooters for sale in the Egypt. Get scooters for your kids in one click.

Skateboards, Riding on balance wheels

Explore and shop online the largest selection of new skateboards and skateboard decks at Shell Egypt, carrying the best skate decks from top skate brands.

Hoverboard Egypt, Riding on balance wheels

Shop for Hoverboards "Electric Scooter" and choose a high quality of the latest hoverboards for kids and adult. Top brands including Razor, Jetson, Swagtron, Segway.

Roller skates, Riding on balance wheels

Shop a great selection of roller skates at Shell Egypt today. Find low prices for men, women & kids. Get high quality, parts, accessories with our best price guarantee.

Cycle racks holder, bikes racks

Shell Egypt offers car bike racks and bike carriers 2022 for nearly any vehicle and configuration, including bike hitch racks, bike roof racks, and bike trunk racks.

Bike accessories, Riding on balance wheels

Shopping from a great selection of cycling accessories in the outdoor. Top quality & expert advice you can trust. Lights, bottles, bags & more to help explore new places.

Bike helmets

Shop for Bike Helmets at online with 200 EL minimum purchase. The helmets that has the most important job from road models to full-face helmets, and more.

Bicycle Store
We are help you to do anything positive in

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Let’s Move for a Better Health

Look for bikes that offer reinforced support, allow brakes for extended security and high traction tires to test the limits of speed and terrain. Find in protective cycling equipment like helmets, knee pads, wrist guards and elbow pads so you can be safe and not sorry. 
Shorten your commute with a scooter or hoverboard! Shrink the size of your college campus and get to class in a fraction of the time so you can cherish those extra minutes of sleep. Or try a longboard skateboard to zoom around in, gripping the deck for those wide turns. 
Our stylish kids games bikes let your little one feel like the next extreme sport athlete, with pegs and awesome neon colors aesthetics to help your child feel like a superstar! 
Push the limits with Blue Shell Sporting Online!

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