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Blue Shell, a Leading Online Indoor Games

Blue Shell, a Leading Online home games and recreation games retailer. Buy the best Rec room games and equipment for kids in best price, buy now then head to the home for endless fun with your games like our a great selection of billiards, table tennis, vedio games, ps4, Xbox, all accessories, darts, and more than.


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Everybody is playing games. There are games now for pretty much every age. playing games is the dessert. Our real market is people doing everyday things. Rather than pulling your mobile phone in and out of your pocket. 

We offer you our products whether you are

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About BLUE SHELL Products

Shell Egypt is a taste and style in the luxury lifestyle market through different types of sports practice. Our value collections of recreation room games and authentic products provide a unique point of view and an unmatched combination of unparalleled quality. We believe that luxury brands are the most popular and fastest growing entertainment market. Also we believe our products stands alone and is redefining this highly fragmented and growing market. We are trying to develop ourselves, positioning our Company to curate a lifestyle beyond the four walls of the home. Our unique development for excellence in marketing and supply chain capabilities, together with our significant purpose, enable us has always been to provide family entertainment without sacrificing quality, value or style. Game rooms are an increasingly popular way of keeping kids, families, and engaged at home.

Billiard, Pool and Snooker tables

Shell Egypt up at home with your very own pool and snooker table. Shop online Egypt and in store for all your billiards needs and there are cafe-style tables.

Table tennis tables, Ping Pong table, Shell Egypt

We reviewed the absolute best ping pong tables out there for indoor and outdoor use. Included stylish tables with top brands. Ideal for games rooms & leisure centre.

Air Hockey and Foosball tables

Air hockey tables, football tables for everyone. Plan your game room and we help you plan your entertainment center. Maintenance and customer service available. 

Billiards accessories Kit for Snooker and Pool tables

Looking for billiard accessories? You came to the right place. Shell Egypt has everything you need. Equipment of all kinds and providing the very best quality.

Table tennis equipment and accessories

Tennis bat experts in Egypt. Ensuring that you select the right tennis equipment for you can be difficult. To start playing table tennis, the minimum you'll need is a racket.

Poard games online, Shell Egypt

Cooperative board games in which all players need to work together to win. The best family board games on Shell Egypt. board games are hard to find it anywhere.

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Playstation consoles, Shell Egypt

Find prices and models of Sony PlayStation Console. Compare now the best offers on your favorite brands and save easily. Find our offers and promotions online.

PlayStation accessories

Check out our shop has the best price for the best PS4 accessories to buy online during Black Friday and the rest of the 2022 holiday season. All your PS5 needs.

PS4 GAMES (Discs)
PlayStation games online

Get PS5 & PS4 Pro games you can play in 2022. From online shopping for PS4 Games from a great selection of action, adventure, role-playing, racing and more.

Xbox One consoles

Xbox one X or Xbox one S for you? We help you identify the process to see if you need to buy any product to get the most out of your console gaming experience.

Xbox One accessories

Shopping online for all the peripherals you need to own for Xbox One. Come with rich selection of original gaming accessories. Controllers, Headsets and more.

Xbox One games

Get Xbox One games you can play in 2022 from online shopping for Xbox Games from a great selection of action, adventure, role-playing, racing and more.

Board Games, Darts
We are help you to do anything positive in

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Electronic Games Devices

Let’s Move for a Better Health

Games are universal form of recreation generally including any activity engaged in for diversion or amusement. Sports, games and contests have crucial and quite specific roles in the general socialization process. Sports games are the games most commonly played by adults. It's build good habits, confidence, and discipline. It's make your character it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win. While children’s games include a wide variety of games, that may involve spontaneous, unstructured activity, based mostly on fantasy and imagination, or organized games with set rules. Children learn to play primarily from their parents or other adults. Play often provides a training ground from which a child learns to develop skills that will be useful later in life. Many games are derived from everyday life and reflect the culture from which they developed. Technological innovations have greatly influenced the history of children’s games and, as a result, different toys were introduced. Video and computer technology has also spawned a new generation of electronic games.

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