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How to Choose a Best Table Tennis Table, and comparison of the best ping-pong tables in 2022

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

A man playing table tennis
We wanted to bring you all the information about the table tennis table you need to make the best choice

To play with family or friends, or to train to become the world's number one, there are many reasons to buy a ping pong table. However, these are all different from each other, and they do not all have the same utility. On Blue Shell, we wanted to bring you all the information you need to make the best choice.

Find the best table tennis table for your needs with this Blue Shell buying guide. By following our advice, you will find the best table tennis table in your eyes, which will allow you to have fun and take care of your fitness in the best conditions. You'll see it quickly, choosing a ping pong table is not something so simple as it seems because you have to monitor a lot of features. So we will tell you everything about these sports equipment which meet a growing success both in Egypt & internationally.

Thus, after taking a few minutes to browse this site offering both ping pong table comparisons, shopping guides and product analyzes, you will know very precisely which model is the most likely to bring you. a satisfaction up to your expectations.

We will also list the advantages of a ping pong table and we will explain how to choose it. After your reading, you will no longer have any questions about these sports equipment, and you will know exactly what is the model of your dreams.

So we put all our expertise at your service in order that in a few days, you have at your house a perfect ping pong table which you can imagine for a moment can pass you.

• The criteria for choosing a ping pong table

We started to tell you before, choosing a table tennis table should be done with great care and rigor on your part.

It is indeed very important to consider some points, otherwise your final satisfaction may not be up to your expectations.

We will list them below so that you can start your research in the best conditions, and thus protect you from any bad surprises when you receive your sports equipment.

• Type of use

The first point to consider is the use you plan to make of your next ping pong table.

For this, several choices are available to you. If you're looking for equipment just for the purpose of entertaining yourself from time to time, then you can turn to an entry-level model that will not require you to sacrifice all of your savings.

In addition, it is very important that you know in advance where you will play ping pong.

If you only plan to play indoor, then you will have to turn to an indoor ping pong table.

On the other hand, if you also want to play outside, then it is better to turn to an outdoor table tennis table that is specially developed to withstand climatic aggressions.

• Upper Surface

One factor that will determine the price of your table tennis table is the thickness of the surface, which ranges from 12mm to 35mm. Tops with thinner surfaces tend to have less bounce. As you go up in thickness, the bounce tends to follow. Generally, the thicker the surface, the higher the price. Casual players can get away with a thinner surface than those who are looking for competition practice.

• Dimension

Ping pong is a sport that is played either for pleasure or for competition. And each type of practice does not require to be equipped in the same way.

If you just want to play hard games with your family and friends, it does not matter what the table is.

However, if you dream of equaling the level of Jean-Philippe Gatien, you will need to be able to train in the best conditions.

In this case, it will be very important that you choose a table whose dimensions conform to those imposed by the federation of table tennis.

Specifically, a competition table as the best table measures 274 centimeters long and 152.5 centimeters wide.

Of course, these models are generally more expensive and take up more space, but they will go a long way towards making you progress in an extremely efficient way.

Some tables also come in junior sizes or mini sizes to make the game easier to play for children.

• Coating

The coating is a detail of ping pong tables that must be studied very closely.

It is in fact largely responsible for your playing comfort, your performance and therefore, your satisfaction.

Today, almost all ping pong tables feature clear blue coatings.

However, some models go further by offering a soft-matte coating that has the advantage of reflecting neither sunlight nor artificial light.

In any case, make sure that the coating is of good quality is that it contains the different white markings necessary for the practice of table tennis in accordance with the rules.

Table tennis tables set up for sale
Best Brands for Ping Pong Table

• Conversion Tops

A space-saving method, conversion tops can give you the ability to play table tennis at home, even if the size of your room may dictate otherwise. True to the name, conversion tops consist of only the surface of a table and can fit over the top of pool tables or other large tables you may already have in your home.

• Best Brands for Ping Pong Table

After a long sweaty research in online stores and communities, we have found some best brands that provide the qualified ping pong table. Here we make a list of it:

Viper Arlington




• Arrangement

The last very important point to consider when choosing a table tennis table is the ease of storage of the model in question.

And for good reason, some models are extremely simple to store, like the mini table that takes the form of a small suitcase 75 centimeters long when folded.

But other models are much larger, and may require up to three square meters of space, even once they are folded.

Once again, entry-level models are usually the most compact, and will fit easily even in the back of a closet or car trunk.

But professional table tennis tables remain bulky. If you choose one of these, you will need to make sure you have enough room at home.

Fortunately, the professional ping pong tables are equipped with multidirectional wheels, which will be of great support when you want to move your equipment.

In some cases, a table of this type can weigh up to 80 kilograms.

So identify very precisely your needs beforehand so you do not get caught off guard once your table is mounted at home.

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