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Updated: Feb 21

• Kung Fu: Offensive and defensive sports

Divided into two parts (bond - methods)

1 - Sanda (San Da - Sanshou) using leg beat - hand beat - put on the ground. It has no Olympic championship but there are local and international championships.

Some important information about the bond:

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First: the carpet of the bond shall be the area of ​​the stadium 8 meters long and 8 meters wide and rise from the ground 60 cm

Second: Condoms used in the bond:

Head protector - teeth protector - hand protector - chest and abdomen protector - under belt protector - bronchial and metatarsal.

2. Methods: divided into two parts (combat - review)

First, combat is rare in Egypt, such as weapons methods; Solid like sword and pole, and mollusk like nunchaku, rope, chains and triple nunchaku.

Second: the show exists and is training in methods of northern or southern, including methods of animals known. Their tournaments are not combat but display only for the saved style.

If you want to train kung fu you should learn the two parts together methods and Sinda.

• Boxing: offensive and defensive sports

She is only interested in hand-to-hand fighting

Boxing players wear special light shoes and wrap bands of kenafts around their fists before they wear huge leather gloves filled with sponges.

Fighting tournaments are held between two parties, and has an Olympic championship and there are local and international championships.

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Some important boxing information:

First: The boxing game takes place over a square-shaped ring surrounded by ropes and its dimensions are from at least 4.35 m to 6 meters per side and its floor is made with a layer of felt 1-2 cm thick.

Second: The boxers were divided into ten layers according to their weight. These weights are:

Weight 48: Light Fly - Weight 49: Fly - Weight 52: Rooster - Weight 56: Feather - Weight 60: Light - Weight 64: Light Medium - Weight from - 69 Medium - Weight 75 - Medium - Weight From 81: light heavy - weight from 91: heavy - weight 91: above heavy.

• Kickboxes: offensive defensive sports

Depend on the combat by the hands and men and similar to hand blows in which boxing sport but was added to them to beat the foot to be wider and more comprehensive in combat It has no requirements to upgrade Rank Belts, and degrees for upgrades similar to other arts. It has more than one international federation that organizes international and continental festivals and championships.

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Equipment used in the game:

1. The trunk of the body is covered with sportswear representing the game.

2. Long pants with a wide elastic belt.

3. Head protection.

4. Combat gloves.

Ligaments of the hands.

6. The protector of the murderer.

Leg protection.

8 - the condom of the man.

9. Chest protector for females.

• Karate: offensive and defensive sports

Depends on man's beat and hand strokes

The types of training in karate are 3

1 - Alkhayon: It is the training of the basic movements in karate.

2. Kata: A series of sequential movements and saved and is for the purpose of review.

3. Quimet: Actual fighting that takes place between two parties and tournaments are held.

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Some important information about Karate:

First: a karate player uniform

The karate uniform consists of a white jacket with white pants, with the pants between the knee and the heel and the sleeve between the elbow, wrist and jacket between the thigh and knee. This uniform is basically a sport of karate and the white color of the uniform expresses pure intentions and the rejection of evil ideas.

Second: The trainee gets the following ranks after passing the assigned exams and is usually obtained in order. This is the order of the degrees of belts in the game of karate inside Egypt.

White Belt, Yellow Belt (2 Belt), Orange Belt (2 Belt), Green Belt, Blue Belt, Brown Belt (2 Belt), Dan 1– First Black Belt, Dan 2– Second Black Belt, Dan 3– Third Black Belt , Dan 4– Grade Black Belt, Dan 5– Grade 5 Black Belt, Dan 6– Grade 6 Black Belt, Dan 7– Grade 7 Black Belt, Dan 8– Grade 8 Black Belt, Dan 9– Grade 9 Black Belt, Dan 10 - Black tenth grade belt and the number of people with advanced black belts.

• Taekwondo: Offensive and defensive sports

Depends heavily in combat on the blows of man

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Some defensive movements are hand-held

Taekwondo is divided into two parts (actual combat - pomza)

Actual fighting are tournaments that occur between two parties and are held combat tournaments.

Bums are similar to kata in karate and parade styles in kung fu are a set of movements that are saved in the form of imaginary fighting.

• Judo: Fighting sports

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Depends to a large extent on entanglement or wrestling with hands and subtraction

Her tournaments are fighting between two parties

The winner is the one who can throw his opponent on the ground, control and paralyze him

• Jiu-Jitsu: A combat sport

Brazilian jiu-jitsu has the fitness community in Blue Shell

Very similar to judo, but its reliance on ground combat is far greater than any other sport

Most if not all the movements that you learn in the art of jiu-jitsu is the end is to throw the opponent on the ground and grab and fixation movement broken and the inability of the opponent to flat them

This sport is highly visible in the MMC Open Fight Games

• Aikido: A defensive game

Aikido relies on the use of the opponent's power against him and is similar to judo at this point

That is, when someone attacks you, you use his impulse against him and the control of certain joints and parts of the opponent's body at the time in the event of severe damage to him (fracture - dislocation) in one of his joints

• Allen Tsing: A very powerful Chinese martial art

We rely very heavily on the movements of the hands, but very quickly calculated the number of strikes when the second

Training is done on a wooden doll

Bruce Lee relied on this martial art when he developed the Jet Con Doe style, which we will talk about successively

• Jeet Kwon Do: It is a style, not a martial art

Bruce Lee found that there were deficiencies in the martial arts and wanted to do a martial art that includes all aspects necessary to fight

Such as the use of legs - and the use of hand - and subtraction - and tangle and wrestling - and ground combat

He did not invent a new art but style a mixture of known martial arts

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