Trigrip Olympic/Standard Plates (Rubber Coated) Rubber Weight Plate 2.5kg - 20kg ( 28mm) Home Use.


Olympic/Standard Rubber Weight Plates. Made in China
Olympic/Standard Rubber Coated Plate, designed for both professional or home use, Enhance your current muscle building routine with high performance Tri Grip Plates. Rubber Coated Weight Plate are built of the finest materials with a wide rim for ease of carry, The Tri Grip Plate unique “easy grip” feature consists of three hand slots balanced evenly around the plate to facilitate accurate weight distribution which allow you to just focus on adding more to your bar. The rubber coating provides a more aesthetic finish than plain or painted cast iron finishes. The rubber coating also protects against rust and reduces noise of discs "clanking" against each other - rubber also protects floor coverings. The compact design allows the plates to rest together uniformly on the Olympic Bar thanks to the solid steel insert which ensures precision fit. 


• Not a brand - Made in China
• Flexible training tool, available in sizes 2.5kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 25kg
• For use with all 28mm Standard bars and Olympic bars which are 2" in diameter. 
• Suitable for individual or combined use.
• Unique Easy  - Tri-Grip Handles for extra grip
• Rubber coated for easy grip and minimal impact and Rubber coating prevents rusting of plates. 
• Plates are sold as singles. Price per kg 45 LE



5.0 kg - 38 LB 
7.5 kg - 50 LB  
10  kg - 60 LB 
15  kg - 75 LB 
20  kg - 90 LB 
25  kg - 120 LB 
30  kg - 160 LB 
35  kg - 180 LB 
40  kg - 200 LB 

* Quantity is limited, Book Now your Goods.


The various weight dimensions allows for gradual progression from light to heavy weights in line with your goals. The Trip Grip Weight Plates can be used individually for overhead lifts and tricep workouts or in conjunction with an Olympic or  Standard Bar which can be mix & matched with the desired weight plates to help you achieve your muscle building targets through squats and deadlifts. Making them suitable for all fitness levels.

Trigrip Olympic/Standard Plates (Rubber Coated) 2.5kg - 20kg

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