Tekscore 7ft Air-Hockey Table


The Tekscore Jet is probably the best-value home air hockey table on the market. Designed primarily for family home use, it is also durable enough to be suitable for light use in communal areas.

It's supported by thick, stable, laterally-supported legs which stand on feet that feature individual adjusters, so you can get the playfield perfectly flat.

High Speed, Low Friction, The low-friction is black or white, with white pitch markings, and more than 2,000 holes in the playfield direct the ducted air upwards, creating a powerful air flow that has the puck gliding across the surface with ease.

Automatic Goal Detection & Scoring, Also fitted to the Jet is the electronic scoring unit. This automatically detects goals using sensors fitted into the goal mouths, and then adds a goal to the relevant player’s score. Manual scoring beads are also fitted to the table.

• Powerful 240v fan motor.
• Low-friction perforated playfield.
• Strong built-in rails give the puck an effortless bounce.
• Stylish chrome-style feet with leg levellers, to keep the table perfectly flat.
• Electronic scoring unit with automatic goal detection.
• Mounted scoop goals - provide easy puck retrieval.
• Lateral leg supports - enable excellent support & stability.
• Easily moved & stored
• Design registration number 6002122.
• Free game accessories supplied with the Tekscore Jet
• Free Accessories
• The Jet is supplied with two pushers and two pucks, so you can get your game started straight away.


Air Hockey Table Tekscore Jet 7ft