20″ Olympic Single Dumbbell Handlebar with Ring Collars. Will be sold per unit.


Change up your strength workout  with Olympic dumbbell with locking ring collars. This solid heavy duty bar is designed for the beginner to the advanced fitness enthusiast. It has a weight capacity of up to 150lbs to allow for linear progressive strength gains. The rotating sleeves releases torque created by the weight and movement making it safer on the joints. The locking ring collars will secure the weights in place to make working out safer. 



• PRODUCT DIMENSIONS:     20 inches.

• DIAMETER: Fits all Standard 1" or 2.5cm hole plates. Compatible with all Standard Plates

• PRODUCT WEIGHT:    5 kg, Per one. 

• PURPOSE:   Get two and perform dumbbell chest presses, shoulder presses, and use just one to perform triceps kickbacks and single arm bicep curls . Never miss your workout, take them with you to your office or when you go out of town.

• BRAND:    Sunny Health & Fitness


• MODEL NO:    ODB-16

• WARRANTY:    90 Day Warranty

• MAX WEIGHT CAPACITY:    90 Kg. Per one.

• SHIPPING WEIGHT:    5.5 Kg. Per pair.

• SHIPPING DIMENSIONS:    55 x 9 x 9 cm

Olympic Single Dumbbell 20″ Handlebar with Ring Collars

SKU: OH-OB-548